Mr. Powell's AP Calculus Guidelines

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Homework Policy

  1. Assignments will be given everyday and must be turned in the day after the assigned date.
  2. Late assignments will not be accepted.
  3. Assignments must be turned in when they are collected in class.  You may not turn them in at a later time during the hour or day.  If your assignment is incomplete when it is collected, you will not be allowed to finish it at a later time and then turn it in for a grade.  Turn in what you have when assignments are asked for in class so that you receive some credit.
  4. Legible work must be shown on all problems.  Problems completed without work or that can not be read will earn no credit.
  5. Strive for accuracy on your homework.  Points will be deducted for incorrect work.
  6. All assignments must be supplied with the following information in the top right hand corner.  Failure to do so may result in no credit.
Name John Doe
Block Block 1
Date Assigned August 16, 2007
Problems Assigned Pg. 24 (1-33) odds
    1. If you are tardy to class after the assignments are collected, you must turn in your assignment immediately – not later in the class period or at a later date.
    2. If you are present the day an assignment is given, but absent the day it is due, you must turn the assignment in the next day you attend class.
    3. If you are present the day an assignment is given, but absent the day that the class was told there would be an extended due date, your assignment will still be due the same time as the rest of the class. 
    4. Credit will not be earned if you complete the wrong problem(s).
    5. If you neglect to do problems because you copied the assigned work incorrectly, you will not be able to complete those problems for points at a later time.
    6. If you are absent on a given day, you will have one day to turn in your makeup work.  The word “ABSENT” and the date in which you were absent must appear at the top of your makeup work.  Turn in your makeup work at the same time the daily assignments are collected – not later in the class period.
    7. Each time you have a test, you will be given a test review.  Test reviews are considered homework and are due on test day at the beginning of class. You will not be allowed to take your test and then turn in your review later in the class period.
    8. Graphing calculators are used to check your solutions.   Do not use them to obtain answers unless instructed by the book or myself.
    9. All final solutions on tests, reviews, quizzes, and assignments must be circled and simplified.  Simplifying includes:
      • Reducing fractions
      • Rationalizing denominators
      • Writing radicals in simplest form
      • Labeling units on graphs
      • Labeling answers ft, cm, km …
    10. All assignments may be corrected under these conditions:
      • Homework corrections are not required by you or myself.  They are an earned privilege.   I am willing to allow you to make homework corrections as long as you follow my guidelines and instructions in class.  Those students who sleep, talk, disrupt class, or do not work may be eliminated from homework corrections.
      • Correcting homework already adds on to your existing daily assignments, make sure you pace yourself and understand that correcting is not a requirement.
      • All homework corrections must be done on a clean sheet of paper.  Do not complete your corrections on the original graded assignment.
      • Write the word“Corrections” on the top of the corrected assignment.
      • Staple the corrected assignment on top of the original graded assignment.
      • Your corrected assignment must have the correct solution to obtain credit.  You are responsible to make certain that you have correct answers to all homework corrections by checking in the back of the book or copying my solutions on the board.  Incorrect solutions to homework problems do take more time to grade, so if you consistently turn in incorrect solutions to homework corrections, you may be disqualified from this privilege.
      • You may only correct those problems, which were honestly attempted with a conscience effort on paper in the original graded assignment.
      • You have only two school days to make corrections.  For example, you may receive a grade of 18 out of 20 on a Thursday.  If you wish to correct your errors on this assignment, you must have them completed and turned in by the beginning of the class on the following Monday.  Corrections turned in after the two school day deadline will not be accepted
    11. Parents will be notified if you achieve low homework scores or do not participate in class.
    12. Copying or allowing another student to copy an assignment is cheating.  All students who participate in cheating will obtain a zero grade on that particular assignment.  Parents will be notified on any cheating incident. 

Note: Students found cheating are removed from the National Honor Society for one year.  They may reapply the following year.  However, the National Honor Society symbol will not appear on their high school diploma.

Note Taking

 Each day of notes must be correctly dated.  When I grade your notes, I must be able to easily find the dates.  Circling the dates, writing them with large print, and writing them with colored markers is very helpful to me when grading your notes.

  1. Your notes must include all my overhead and board examples.
  2. At the beginning of class, I often present a review problem.  All review problems must be included in your notes.
  3. Your notes must include the original stated problem along with all its steps to the solution.
  4. Include your name on each day of notes.
  5. Refer to your notes on every assignment.  In many cases, you will be able to find examples in your notes, which are very similar to the problems on your homework.
  6. If you are absent, you are still responsible for that day of notes.  You are allowed to hand copy notes off another student.    Only your own hand written notes will be allowed.  Copying another individual’s notes with a copy machine or computer will not be allowed.
  7. Notes will be graded on test days.


  1. You will not be allowed to use a graphing calculator on all tests.
  2. You will not be able to use a graphing or scientific calculator on final exams.
  3. Playing calculator games are not allowed in class.


  1. Cheating on tests is not permitted and if you do so, you will receive an “F” letter grade for that test.  In this class, cheating on tests is defined to be the following:
    • Communicating with another student.
    • Looking at written work, which was completed prior to the test.  This includes notes, quizzes, homework, calculator files etc.
    • Looking on another student’s paper.
  2. If you are absent on test day, you must approach me as soon as possible in order to make up the test.  If you neglect to do so, you may be asked to complete the test in class without notice.
  3. If a student is frequently absent on test day, then makeup tests will not be allowed. 
  4. A zero percent grade will be given for each missed test.
  5. Correct answers without the work to support it will not earn credit.  It is to your benefit to show as much work as possible.  Correct work with incorrect answers will often earn you partial credit.
  6. Graphing calculators are not allowed on all tests.  If graphing calculators are allowed, in some cases you must still show work to receive credit.
  7. All answers on tests must be circled and simplified.  Simplifying includes:
    • Reducing fractions
    • Rationalizing denominators
    • Writing radicals in simplest form
    • Labeling units on graphs
    • Labeling answers ft, cm, km …
  8. All tests must be taken in one sitting.  You may not leave and return to finish your tests.When the bell rings, you will be asked to turn in your test and report to your next class - this includes all study halls.  I will not write any passes for you to arrive late to your next class.

Test Corrections

On some occasions, I do allow students to correct their test errors.  If this occurs, your recorded score will be the average of your original and corrected test scores.  Test corrections will be allowed under these circumstances: You will be able to correct any test under the following conditions:

  1. Test corrections are not required by you or myself.  They are an earned privilege.   I am willing to allow you to make test corrections as long as you follow my guidelines and instructions in class.  Those students who sleep, talk, disrupt class, or don’t work may be eliminated from test corrections. Do not assume each test will be corrected, since I can stop this activity if I feel necessary.         
  2. If you know that you will be absent on the day of test corrections, then you must make arrangements with me before the test correction date so that you can still take advantage of this opportunity.  If you are absent on test correction day, even due to illness, you will not be able to make test corrections
  3. If you did not take your test on the original test day and have yet to make up your test before the test correction day, you will not be able to correct your test.
  4. You must first complete the extra review which I will assign before you will be permitted to make test corrections.  This extra review will be given after each test.  If it is incomplete or inaccurate you will not be able to correct your test.  This review is designed to help you prepare for test corrections so that you do not make the same errors.  It is not a form of punishment.  On test correction day, if you forget to bring the extra review to class, do not complete every problem on the extra review, or do not turn in the extra review when I ask for it at the beginning of class, you will not be able to do test corrections.
  5. Your new test score will be the average of your original and corrected scores.
  6. You must complete your test corrections in one sitting.  That means you can not leave for some reason and return to finish. 
  7. You must turn in your test corrections and not be late for your next class.  If you have a study hall you will still have to leave and will not be able to return and complete your corrections.


  1. In the past, the most successful way my students have received tutoring is by helping each other.  I am therefore requesting that each of you help your fellow classmates with their assignments as much as possible.  If you see a classmate in your study hall or free time, ask him or her for help.  At the same time, please be considerate and understanding when using this option.  Some of your classmates may be very busy with their own work and will not be able to lend you the time you may require for help.
  2. Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology's Homework Hotline provides FREE math and science homework help to Indiana high school students. Students may call the Homework Hotline from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. (Eastern Daylight Time) toll free at 1-877-ASK-ROSE or visit


  1. Do not communicate while I am teaching.
  2. Teachers have been told to enforce the following school wide policy.  If you arrive late to class, please be responsible by standing in the back of the room for 25 minutes without having me to ask you to do so. 
  3. No sleeping is allowed.  If your eyes are closed or your head is facing down towards your desk, it is considered sleeping.

Electronic Devices

1. No electronic devices will be allowed at anytime in this class other than some calculators and watches.  This means headphones, mp3 players, cell phones, etc are not allowed.

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